Hannah Cranston is the creator and host of the podcast Too Much To Handle. On her show, Hannah explores issues revolving gender and its influence on everyday life and culture. Hannah was formerly the host and executive producer of YouTube’s ThinkTank, a news and talk show with over one million subscribers and half of a billion minutes watched. 

On ThinkTank, Hannah’s passion for informing Millennials about current events, discussing social issues, and debating the hard questions, from relationships to politics to pop culture, is palpable.

She was also the host of Top 30, a nationally syndicated daily show, during its 4-week market test on FOX TV stations.  On Top 30, Hannah discussed the most important stories of each day, from politics to international relations to current trends, and new discoveries.

Hannah was formerly a regular guest host on The Young Turks, the largest online news network in the world and is a contributor for The Huffington Post and Pop Sugar News.

Hannah is originally from Los Angeles, California, where she first discovered her love for the spotlight (you probably recognize her as Pilgrim #3 from her kindergarten’s production of a Thanksgiving Story). She graduated from Duke University with a major in Psychology, a minor in Economics, and a certificate in Markets & Management.

When she’s not in front of the camera, Hannah enjoys being active, spending inordinate amounts of time with her family, and eating Nutella by the spoonful.